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Consulting with Purpose

Being an influencer can be challenging; I'm here to ease the load off your shoulders. My purpose as an influencer manager is to take care of the business side of being an influencer so you can focus on what you actually love, creating content.



Negotiating terms

Finding the right sponsors, negotiating the terms and reviewing contracts is a lengthy process. Here's where I come in so you can relax, knowing it's being taken care off.


Terms and conditions

Our legal consultants will make sure to spot the fine lines between the 20 page contracts and translate anything that could potentially harm your business. We make sure to have the contracts revised and only send you the ready-to-sign contract so you don't have to worry about signing a bad deal.


Virtual assistance

Our professional writers and editors will make sure you need to spend less time on your ad-rolls and editing videos. We will build solid foundations with brands for future and re-occurring collaborations. Everything we can do to give you more spare time is a priority.


Guiding your journey

We can discuss your next big move or your next upcoming video. If you need advice or just want to chat about a business idea you thought of the other day, I'll be here to fuel that spark.

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I have been working with Lennart at Creatorgrounds since 2019 now and he has been an invaluable asset for me. Before we started working together I would have to talk to sponsors, negotiate deals, get the talking points, track invoices etc, PLUS everything related to creating the actual content. Lennart does what I never had time to do, he builds relationships with sponsors for you so that you get more recurring sponsors and thus more stable income. The value of having all of the above handled by someone like Lennart is huge. He puts a ton of effort in, and especially into building relationships for you and a network of sponsors. He’s not the average docile media agent that contacts you and puts all the work on you with a sponsorship but he actually is active and helps make everything easier for you as a creator. At this point Lennart contacts me with a potential sponsor, I say yes or no and then he returns later on with a confirmed date for publication, talking points and a negotiated rate. He is also great at negotiating and finding the maximal rate for each sponsor, so you can trust that the rate is a fair one.

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